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What Is Intuition, Really? Some Tips to Understanding Yours

Intuition, sixth sense, inner knowing, gut feeling… whatever we choose to call it, we all seek it. Intuition and energy coach Saskia Baardman loves to help people get on their natural track with a clear intuitive focus. She believes that we don’t have to look very far for intuition, for we are all born with it. Here she shares some tips for reconnecting with that part of you that “knows”… 

As a child you probably lived by your intuition very naturally. Maybe you can remember a time when you just “knew” stuff. Or when your imagination took you on the wildest adventures, where you lost all track of time. You never thought of these as crazy (or a waste of time) – you just said or followed whatever popped up. As we grow older, we turn more to our rationality, for it also serves us well – enabling us to think in logical structures, have boundaries and make plans. 

However, we tend to let our rationality and intuition compete against each other. Rationality has a loud voice and is strong-willed; it wants to keep us safe. The voice of our intuition is more subtle and may not appear “logical” or even offer an explanation – and sometimes it encourages risk! It’s easy to see why rationality often wins… 

When we listen only to our rational mind, though, we can do ourselves a disservice. For our intuition is there to guide us through life, to help us stay (or get back) on track in a truthful and inspired way. It forms the vision for our work, life, society and the planet; it often represents what we want to share with the world and live by. 


How to recognise and follow your intuition 

  • Take your first impression seriously. Let’s say you go for an interview. Your commute will be short and the salary is pretty amazing, yet as you’re talking to your potential manager, you get a “vibe” about her/him that says: “Don’t do it.” No explanation, nothing. That is your intuition. Of course, your rational voice may respond: “How do you know? Just give it some time”; “You probably won’t see each other that often”; “Just do your job well, so he/she has nothing to complain about”, or “You can’t have it all!” Your intuition can help you to set your conditions – for a job or any other life decision – or even to walk away.\


  • Keep a diary/art journal or meditate to get to know yourself better – your patterns, thoughts and (arguments for/against) decisions, as well as what makes you (un)happy. Make a conscious agreement with your rationality that you’re safe and that you’ll be turning its volume down for a while. As you get to know yourself better through these simple practices, you will become more aware of your body, emotions and other senses, and what these are telling you.


  • You know more than you think and have your own unique wisdom. Another example: you’re at a lecture about a topic of interest and the lecturer states something that you immediately sense is not true – however, everybody around you is nodding in agreement. The (rational) thought may occur that you must be wrong or just didn’t get it. Pay attention to, and value, your response. Stay curious and be an observer as it becomes more clear what it is that you actually believe is true or false. 


We wish you lots of joy trying out and following your intuition!


How have you become more in touch with your intuition? Have you made any major decisions based on intuition? Do share your story below! 




  1. Eleni Kontiza says:

    Trusting your intuition is, in a way, the ultimate art of trusting yourself. As we grow older we trust common sense and we turn more to our rationality than we did before. I really liked this article, as it makes you trust your instincts and may question the way that you deal with your every day life. Trusting your first impression is a tip that I will apply in my own life from now on.

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