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Expat Nest at the Feel At Home Fair

Time to connect: on March 14th, Expat Nest opened its arms to the participants of the Feel at Home International Community Fair, a yearly gathering that brings together the international community in the Netherlands. With around 1000 registrations, the fair…

The Pandemic Wall

Expat Nest had the honour to be featured at the Sundae Schneider-Bean, LLC show, a solution-oriented coach and intercultural strategist for individuals and organisations. During this episode, she provides stats, science and solutions for these difficult times and shows us…

Starting the year Thriving Abroad

Saying goodbye to 2020: Expat Nest was featured on the Thriving Abroad Podcast, Episode 77. In this podcast, Louise Wiles rounds up the stories, insights and differing perspectives on international living.   Hope you enjoy it! ♥…
Grief/Loss, Your Toolkit

RELO/talk with Lindy Chapman

One of the take-outs from my chat with Lindy, a US-based relocation strategist, is the importance of acknowledging that expats can experience grief on leaving our old lives behind. We discuss the importance of support for the emotional needs of…

Tips on how to recover from a broken heart

Recovering from a broken heart is a painful process, and it differs from person to person. Also, being away from your friends and family can make it extra difficult.   …But although you might not see it today, you’ll manage!…