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Podcast Time: 3 Inspiring Conversations on Expat Life!

It’s our birthday this month and I wanted to celebrate by sharing some interviews I’ve done recently. On these podcasts, we’ve discussed some great, thought-provoking topics relevant to the Expat Nest community. Tune in, and enjoy…


#1 Relo/talk with Lindy Chapman

One of the take-outs from my chat with Lindy, a US-based relocation strategist, is the importance of acknowledging that expats can experience grief on leaving our old lives behind. We discuss the importance of support for the emotional needs of the whole family during a relocation as well as resources – many of them free – that are available to expats on the move.

Find our video chat here.

#2 Thriving Abroad Together with Louise Wiles

In this episode, entitled “Keeping Your Emotions in Motion”, expat coach and author Louise and I cover everything from love to parenting to lockdown! The way I see it, lockdown is a great equaliser – the whole world now communicates with the people they love the way us expats have done for years. This interview is rich in practical coping strategies for dealing both with lockdown and stress

To find out more, listen here

#3 Global Greek Influence with Giota Pimenidou

In this interview “A psychologist’s entrepreneurial journey: From Greece to the Netherlands”, Giota and I chat about the inspiration for Expat Nest as well as the increased demand for our counselling services in March, when the coronavirus pandemic really started taking hold in Europe. We also discuss the urge to return home or change your job or question whether your partner is right for you – challenges that have arisen for many during lockdown. 

Find the interview on any good podcast platform, including Apple Podcasts, Anchor FM, iTunes, Spotify, Breaker, Google podcasts, Overcast, Pocketcasts and RadioRepublic.


A birthday is also an opportunity to reflect and express gratitude. Thank you for being a part of our community! Thank you to everyone who has been here from the start. It’s such an honour to connect with you.

What are your top take-outs from the conversations above? Got any favourite podcasts relevant to expats? Share your thoughts below, and feel free to share this article with friends who are podcast fans!


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