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Birthdays: A Time to Reflect

A birthday is a milestone… an anniversary date with yourself! I celebrated mine recently and so today I’m looking back on the year and sharing 10 things I’ve learned or reflected on:   The pandemic has been a unique challenge…

RELO/Talk on Global Mobility

When relocating to a new city, it is critical that the physical, emotional, and social needs are successfully met especially when a company is investing 10’s of $1000’s into moving an employee. This Friday on #LinkedinLive we dive into the…
Your Toolkit

So, What Are You Doing This Weekend in Lockdown?

Surprised? 🙂  Although we’re all practising social distancing – and some of us are in quarantine or complete lockdown – weekends remain important. To successfully manage our self-isolation, it’s essential to find our new structure… and that includes structuring our…

#Stay home

Great initiative by SuperGreeks and their “Stay home” campaign! We agree and stay home …