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?Coronavirus: A Safe Place to Talk in GREEK (Free Group Call)

Coronavirus: A Safe Place to Talk in GREEK (Free Group Call) for maximum 10 people on Monday 30th at 19:00 pm Greek time!
Please email us at info@expatnest.com to confirm your spot.
Share it with your Greek-speaking friends!
We love to serve humanity and, as promised, we’re taking more action to support as many people as possible… and in a different language this time. Expat Nest, as you know, is multilingual! ?
I’m offering an online group chat in GREEK for 10 people in the Expat Nest community. If you’d like a safe space to share your thoughts and feelings about what’s going on, sign up for the chat on Monday 30 March at 19:00 Greek time.
I’ll also be sharing some positive ways to maximise this time at home so that we can feel empowered, productive and safe. See you then?
With love/ Με αγάπη, ♥️

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