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Big News: Expat Nest and Relocate Global Awards!

Big News: We are delighted to announce that our entry for this year’s Excellence in Employee Experience or Family Support award has been shortlisted in the fourteenth annual Think Global People and Relocate Awards! Relocate Global   The Expat Nest…

An Introvert Abroad: Three Simple Tips

Expats are often encouraged to “get out there” and make friends to feel at home in their host country. However, if you’re an introvert this may be a challenge.   In this article you’ll learn three simple tips for introverts…

Happy birthday Expat Nest!!

Happy birthday Expat Nest!!! We celebrate it with a wonderful ‘nest’ cake by PM cakes and stuff Wish we could celebrate it all together! A birthday is also an opportunity to reflect and express gratitude. THANK YOU for being a…

Thank you Relocation Africa ?

Silence in our lives! Thanks for hosting our article and for the long term collaboration Relocation Africa https://www.relocationafrica.com/expat-perspective-silence-in-our-lives/?fbclid=IwAR2Hna4fhpV5MMVSecliOvKqy8FoscqGEtpBGMpT1dWzx3QJ5Hel6GMIUvE Photo: Jan Padilla / Unsplash…

??Podcast time!!

Podcast time!! Expat happy hour with Sundae Schneider-Bean, LLC ! We talked about love, sex, expat couples, midlife crisis and marriage meltdown! #realtalk What you’ll learn in this Episode: -Hidden competitions within a couple -Vulnerability & the different levels of…

Love our Chinese service!

Love our Chinese service!! Here’s the link: https://www.expatnest.com/?lang=zh-hans Get your free 15-minute call! We love to serve the Chinese speaking community abroad. A year ago we launched it with Jinfeng Shen! https://www.facebook.com/100010262314717/videos/862215167463886…

?? Podcast Time ?

Podcast Time Listen to my interview at Global Greek Influence with Giota Pimenidou; we had a real talk about love, life, entrepreneurship and women in today’s world! More specifically: – why it is important to have someone who trusts you…