This year’s August special is on stress, which was also the theme of Mental Health Awareness Week 2018. One study from the Mental Health Foundation, the largest known study of stress levels in the UK, found that 74% of those surveyed have felt so stressed that they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. Here is a whole bunch of useful resources – blogs, articles, videos and apps – all with one thing in common: great tips and ideas to support you to manage and minimise stress.

Check out these stress-focused articles from Expat Nest:

  1. Dealing with Stress: techniques for cognitive restructuring, with a focus on controlling and changing negative thoughts (plus some great mind-body techniques).
  2. How to Minimise Stress: five quick tips to minimise stress!
  3. Burnout… Keep Your Fire Alive: what to do if you find yourself becoming consumed by stress and experience burnout.

And these articles on coping with stress:

  1. Stress: Are We Coping?: how stress works in the body and what it does to us.
  2. Why Stress Happens and How to Manage It: useful facts on stress (including the different types) and how it affects our physical health.
  3. How to Deal with Stress: 42 Stress Management Tips: an abundance of tips that focus on diminishing stress – ranging from switching off your phone to eating more antioxidant-rich foods (think berries).

Try these free apps for some fantastic stress-busting tips:

  1. ThinkUp: supports you to develop a positive mindset and to achieve your goals.
  2. Happify: offers audios, games and exercises specific to your unique user profile and needs.


BONUS: Catch this 15-minute TED talk by travel writer Pico Iyer on “The Art of Stillness” (based on his book of the same name) – great for anyone who’s feeling too busy or overwhelmed, and especially relevant to those with a nomadic lifestyle.  


I hope you’ve found this helpful! My wish is that you’ll refer to this article – and its resources – any time you find yourself in a state of stress. Remember: you are in charge of you, but we are also here for you if you need extra support!


Let us know which pointers work best for you – and do share YOUR tips and resources with the Expat Nest community.

With thanks to Sophie Patrick for her contribution to this article.




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