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Top 10 Expat Books for 2022

It’s that time of the year again when we ask our friends at Expat Bookshop to compile a list of some of the best expat titles published during the year. As usual, in the best tradition of ‘no particular order’, here is our top 10 for 2022 – books to enlighten and amuse, inspire and admire.


#1 Me and My Big Move Workbook


Huijsmans and L. van den Elshout

Sethellite LLC

Created by experts, this playful and science-based activity workbook will guide your kids through their big life transition, and make it fun. We think: fun and creative.


#2 Badass Abroad: How to Get Your Expat Shift Together


Claire Hauxwell

Springtime Books

Meet Dandelion, our author’s alter ego – a flailing spouse and dedicated mom-of-two who’s a decade into her expat life and doesn’t know who she is anymore. An honest, insightful and funny account of what the daily grind of an accompanying supportive spouse can look like. We think: entertaining and sassy.


#3 Happy Around the Globe Guide: 10 Principles for Happiness and Success When Living Abroad


Sophie Bosch-van Doorn

Independently published

Perfect for expats, digital nomads, international students, overseas workers, foreign retirees and anyone else living or planning to move abroad. We think: sage advice from one who found out the hard way.


#4 Travels Through Asia: Where the Stars Disappear


Marco Rubinelli

Springtime Books

The discovery of the traditions and history of different cultures in Sikkim, Ladakh and Orissa – now Odisha, China, the Caucasus, Nepal and Myanmar, recounted through the filter of illness. We think: compelling and deeply personal.


#5 Invisible Outsider: From battling bullies to building bridges, my life as a Third Culture Kid


Casey Bales

Summertime Publishing

It’s not every day you meet an American kid who speaks English with a Japanese accent. In this fascinating memoir, Casey Bales is determined to build bridges between his Third Culture Kid (TCK) identity and multicultural America. We think: candid and courageous.


#6 Lar mundo afora (Portuguese)/Un hogar lejos de casa (Spanish)


Carolina Porto & Roberta D’Angelo Mellis

Stacchini Editorial

Offers comprehensive guidance on how to create your home away from home through both stories and a clear process. Published in Portuguese and Spanish, making it a unique addition to the expat library. We think: an inspiration.

P.S. Catch Expat Nest’s interview with Carolina here [in English] and here [in Portuguese].


#7 The Newcomer’s Dictionary


Joyce Agee with illustrations by Ellen Agee

Springtime Books

An A to Z of words that explore aspects of relocating. Whether you have moved or are considering a move, this dictionary will help to identify and describe the experience of being a newcomer. We think: unique, original and fresh.


#8 The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition (2nd Ed.)


Tina L. Quick

Independently published

This is the updated second edition of Tina Quick’s book written to and for students who have been living outside their “passport” countries but are either returning “home” or transitioning on to another host country for college/university. We think: more pearls of wisdom from an expert.


#9 GO! My Personal Guide and Diary Before, During and After Moving Abroad


Maria Kofod Techow, Emilie Frijs Due and Bente Skovby Burke

Springtime Books

A starting point for conversations between children and their parents, for children’s groups, in schools and across cultures and borders. We think: a fantastic resource for young children.

#10 Let’s Move Abroad


Charlotte Rijkenberg

Down-to-earth advice on how to set up your new life abroad. The book also covers the much-needed mental preparations so you can face potential challenges and setbacks with confidence and positivity. Includes 40 action-focused activities and 10+ practical checklists. We think: empowering and inspiring.  

PHOTO: Ena Marinkovic/Pexels

What expat books are on your must-read list? Do share your recommended reads in the comments below!



  1. Dear Vivian Chiona, I have a great recommendation for this list in the category books written by ex-pats:

    Ready for Female Leadership: The Future is NOW is a book written by internationals that want to make an impact inspiring and empowering women and men to advance into harmonious and inclusive leadership.

    The co-authors are a diverse and multicultural group of entrepreneurial and corporate women and men from different countries. They offer more than 50 call-to-actions based on seven pillars: Men as Allies; the Financial/Emotional/Data-Tech Intelligences; Mentoring/Sponsoring; Networking; and Career Development.

    All profits from the book are directed to, which supports (young) women developing their leadership skills in different countries.

    The book is available in paperback and e-Book 🎁:

    1. Vivian Chiona says:

      Dear Margarita

      Thank you so much for this recommendation! I love the values and message of this book.

      Warm wishes

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