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Our Greek Website Is LIVE… More Languages To Follow

I am delighted to share this news with you from Davos, in Switzerland, during the World Economic Forum. This is a big moment in my career and a milestone for the Expat Nest team.

Our website is now in Greek!


As a member of the Expat Nest family, you’ll know that we’ve been offering counselling in several languages, including English, Greek, Dutch, Spanish and Italian, for a while now. It’s wonderful to serve more people by adding to the languages we offer.


I love that I can now reach the Greek (expat) community directly through the website. 


This is a very exciting development for us (especially as Greek is my native language). One things stays the same, howeverour commitment to supporting you in the best way possible.


As always, my team and I are committed to offering professional and accessible counselling that supports you to feel confident, happy and strong during your international experience.

Because ultimately, no matter our home language (or how many languages we speak), we all speak the universal language shared by those living abroad. That’s just the way of internationals and being blessed in our diversity!

By the way, if this is not for you, feel free to forward this announcement to a Greek-speaking friend who might be really excited to surf the site in their native language.


Cheers, or Ευχαριστώ/Efharisto, as we say in Greek! 🙂

With love,


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