How Do You Rate Your Intercultural Skills? Take this Quiz!

In a globally connected world, it’s not unusual to have intercultural encounters, while organisations are bound to have an increasingly diverse workforce.

Diversity brings its blessings: flexibility in thinking, a dynamic mix of minds, an atmosphere of learning… but it also brings challenges, like miscommunication or different approaches to structures and ways of perceiving/doing.

If you live or work in an international environment, you probably know what we mean! Negotiating, and flourishing in, this kind of environment requires a high level of intercultural awareness…

How interculturally competent are you?

This handy quiz from the Council of Europe, a joint initiative from the Intercultural Cities Programme and the Pestalozzi Programme, is one way to find out! Through fun cartoons and questions, it’ll help you test your intercultural competences with the aim of improving them.

The quiz, which takes about 15 minutes to complete, is based on the three main (and interconnected) components of intercultural competence: attitudes, skills and knowledge.

I’ve done the quiz several times through the years and my score changes each time, depending on my experiences or life stage.

To get the most out of the quiz:

  • Place yourself in the context of the people in the pictures. It might help to think back to similar situations you’ve been in – perhaps when you were surrounded by people from different regional, linguistic or religious backgrounds or with a different socio-cultural or socio-economic status.
  • Try to recall how you felt, what you knew and what you did in the situation.

Take the quiz here

And remember: no one but you can see your results, and every result is okay! If your score is low, don’t get discouraged – use this as an opportunity to gain insight. Because it’s through understanding ourselves and our perceptions that we can grow and move forward as individuals and global citizens…


Did you enjoy the quiz? Were you surprised by your results? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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