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Take Our Survey for Internationals! ? We, Vivian Chiona, Expat Nest founder and Regina Reinhardt, cross-cultural consultant, have teamed up for an exciting new project… and you can be a part of it! What are we planning? All shall be revealed… For now, we’ve come up with a survey that is quick, fun and guaranteed to get you thinking about your sense of place in the world. By taking the survey, you will: • Gain insight into your international profile • Be the first to see the results of this global survey later this year • Contribute to helping us and the people we love to help • Receive an exclusive gift! Answering the 20 questions should take no more than 12 minutes to complete. ?TAKE THE SURVEY HERE: Thank you for your responses by Thursday 30 March. We appreciate your trust and support of our project. Your answers will play an essential role in helping us to better understand the highlights and challenges (as well as to find solutions) in the “international” life. We hope from the bottom of our hearts that you enjoy this chance to reflect on your international lifestyle. Many thanks and best wishes, Vivian and Regina

Take Our Survey for Internationals! ?We, Vivian Chiona, Expat Nest founder and Regina Reinhardt, cross-cultural…

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