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? It is with great pleasure and honour that I can inform you that Pestalozzi Series 1 ‘Teacher education for change’, a publication of the Pestalozzi Programme of the Council of Europe is now available in Greek ??!
(To my international friends, this publication is also available in English, if you wish to check it out and share).
It took us a couple of years, lots of hard work and it was a great team work with Anna-Maria Panagiotidou, Ioulia Maimari, Katerina Garipi, Dimiliana Nikiforou, Sivia Gouvali, Vassia Sarantopoulou, Vasiliki Chountala, Efi Douloumi, Sophia Kitsou, Foteini Veneti and Eleni Moraiti (our official translator!)
A big huge thanks to all involved and hope to be of value to educators in Greek schools (including the ones of the diaspora!)
A special thanks to the one and only Josef Huber, the director of the Pestalozzi Programme for his continued support, trust and encouragement.
THE LINK IS HERE:…/pestalozzi-series-n-1greek-version-ava…


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