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From 23 December to 2 January, the team at Expat Nest will be taking time off. ?
I aim to be completely off my emails and social media, because disconnecting makes the time pass slower. I also plan to visit Christmas markets, dine at my favourite restaurants and dress up!
Thank you for your support over the past year, and for regularly reading our articles.
A special thanks also to each and every client who chooses our services as the best option for their wellbeing. I can’t describe how much we appreciate this and respect the fact that you trust us with the most important thing: your emotional world. ❤️?
Today, in our last session before the holidays, a client touched my heart with these words: “Thank you, I don’t know where I would be without you – certainly not in a happier place.”
It is a privilege and a blessing to serve you, my beloved and unique members of the Expat Nest community.❤️
Happy holidays and wishing you all the very best for the year to come…
Vivian and the Expat Nest team

From 23 December to 2 January, the whole team at Expat Nest will be taking time off. ?I aim to be completely off my…

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