Little Things that Transform My Life…

As we enter the last chapter of the year, I wanted to share something with you… Here are some quick and gentle habits that I have found really improve my day and quality of life. Right, let’s get straight to the point…

  1. I start every day with a three-minute session of exercise for my back and neck, using the McKenzie Method, while still in bed. Having some kind of physical movement for your body is crucial for those who work in an office, especially at a computer, and I find this method really works for me.
  2. Each morning I use the “10-finger rule” to count off 10 things I am most grateful for. These can range from basic to expansive and I find it helps to open up the channel of blessings. Find more thoughts on how to experience more gratitude here.
  3. I make my bed every single morning immediately after getting up. I used to get distracted by other things and make the bed later, but my new habit makes me feel that I’ve started my day in a more organised way and that I’ve already achieved something. It’s also an acknowledgement that my environment is important to my health and happiness.
  4. During the day I place a McKenzie roll on my chair to support my back. (This is not a medical opinion or suggestion, by the way, but what works for me.) Sometimes, if I’m experiencing back pain, I’ll carry it with me to wherever I’m going, as it is small and light to carry. The roll helps to improve my posture too, which immediately brings a better quality of life.
  5. I always carry almonds with me, as they’re a perfect, energising and healthy snack. See this article on other helpful tips for taking life day by day…
  6. I try to keep a daily journal, though I’m not always successful. I’m working on this! I find this is a wonderful way to express my emotions and reflect on what has happened in the day. It is also interesting to look back on previous years and see how my life and mindset have (or haven’t) changed.
  7. I keep lots of candles and in my room and also spray fragrance on my bed sheets, pyjamas and clothes. This calms me and lifts my mood. I also try to take regular proper baths – the ones that make you forget time – with candles and magnesium salts (great for muscular pains).


I hope these very do-able acts help make your days more joyful and inspire you to make self-care a priority…


What would you add to this list? What habits create the best possible day for you? Let us know in the comments below… I love to learn from you!

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© Vivian Chiona, Expat Nest

Photo: Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay