Meet Vivian Chiona

Vivian Chiona, founder and director of Expat Nest, is a psychologist with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, as well as Master’s degrees in both Child & Adolescent Psychology and Health Psychology. Vivian follows the ethical guidelines of the Dutch Association for Psychologists (NIP) and is a task-force member of the International School Counselor Association.

In her experience as a psychologist, Vivian has successfully consulted with more than 1000 clients and has delivered training on a variety of topics, such as transition; Third Culture Kids (TCKs); coping with change; dealing with stress, bereavement and expat loss; violence prevention; special educational needs and inclusion, and understanding diversity, to name but a few. She also specializes in parenting counselling and is the school counsellor at a top international school in The Netherlands. Passionate about both connecting with people all over the world and the role of education, Vivian also does project-based training for the Council of Europe’s Pestalozzi Programme (which focuses on the professional development of educators) and is a facilitator for their online Community of Practice. The golden thread running through all these projects? Her appreciation of diversity and devotion to the international community.

Vivian speaks English, French, Dutch (elementary) and Greek. As a bi-cultural, multilingual expat with family all over the world, she is familiar with the blessings of a mobile life… but she is also aware of its challenges. As a result of both her professional and personal experience, it didn’t take her long to notice the significant need for counselling services devoted to expatriates (see For whom?). Vivian was inspired by this demand to create an ‘expat nest’, a comforting, empathetic environment in which expats could feel heard and understood, as well as deal with challenges specific to the expat life.

But how does one support a community that shifts and moves so frequently? How could Vivian truly provide a home away from home to expatriates?

The answer lay in harnessing online technology (see e-Services), which is often the only constant in the mobile life. Thus, in 2013, Expat Nest’s professional e-counselling service created exclusively for expats was born! Today Vivian is able to realize her dream of offering counselling without borders – because no matter where you are (or where you’ll be next), how busy your lifestyle is, or how many changes you are experiencing, Expat Nest is just a click away. Are you ready to give it a try?


Our philosophy

Expat Nest understands the dynamics of constant change and believes in offering quality professional assistance to clients with expat-specific challenges. We are experienced in finding expat-focused solutions and want to support you to feel happy and thrive in your international experience.

Our approach at Expat Nest is to focus on your fundamental needs, whether that means:

  • building meaningful relationships,
  • finding a sense of belonging,
  • rediscovering your identity,
  • expressing a full range of emotions,
  • learning how to cope with change,
  • making decisions that are in line with your values, and/or
  • developing a sense of significance and meaning in your life.

We are committed to delivering the highest standards of counselling and believe that counselling should be accessible, convenient, flexible and reliable. With Expat Nest, all you need is access to Skype or a telephone and we will take it from there. For more info, see Contact + FAQ.