Big News, Great Photos and a Huge Thank You!

A personal note from Expat Nest founder, Vivian Chiona, on winning at the 2023 Greek International Women Awards (GIWA)… and a quick behind-the-scenes tour.


I’m beyond excited! I attended the 2023 Greek International Women Awards (GIWA) on September 21st and was blown away to hear my name announced as the overall winner in the Psychology and Education category. This was also my birthday and it really was the greatest birthday gift ever!

Congrats to the 124 finalists in all categories; together we make the world a better place. 

GIWA celebrates Greek international women who are making an impact in the world. It’s an incredible honour to be recognised like this.

Thank you…

A heartfelt thanks to you each and every member of the Expat Nest community. Your support is heart-warming!

A huge thanks also to the GIWA committee and those who voted for me. To my colleagues and the clients of Expat Nest: none of this would have been possible without you. I also thank God for the life I have been given as well as my family and friends for their ongoing support. 

I dedicate this award to everyone facing a challenge in their lives, with the reminder that what you are going through will pass.


4 ways to go behind the scenes at GIWA 2023

1. Browse these photos of the event:


2. Enjoy the highlights reel of this unforgettable night [1.55 mins]:


3. Enjoy this trailer of the big day [30 secs]:


4. Share Vivian’s delight in her post-awards video (in Greek) [3 mins]:


Winning at GIWA is an incredibly profound and celebratory way to round off the 10 years that Expat Nest has been in existence.

A toast to that! Cheers!

With love