Use your difference to make a difference: Interview with Tayo Rockson

This week Expat Nest founder Vivian Chiona is inspired by Tayo Rockson, an adult TCK (Third Culture Kid) and expert on intercultural assimilation. Tayo has lived in Nigeria, Sweden, Burkina Faso, Vietnam and the United States, where he is currently based. He is the founder of Use Your Difference (UYD), an online magazine that features top-quality contributions from TCKs, CCKs and global nomads. Ultimately Tayo is on a mission to encourage people across the globe to “use their difference to make a difference”.


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In the interview (17:40 mins) you can find out:

  • How Tayo got to the point of “embracing his global identity” – and how he wants you to make the most of yours!
  • His tips for a smoother transition in a new culture
  • Why online media is the answer to those who are struggling to reach their potential due to blocks about being “different”
  • How TCKs and Adult TCKs make the world a better place


How will you use your difference to make a difference in this world? What is the one action you will take today? We’d love to know! Just leave your comment below.

PS. Visit Tayo’s website, and download the free ebook, The Ultimate Guide to TCK Living.


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