10 Interviews to Uplift & Inspire…

In celebration of Expat Nest’s 10th anniversary, founder Vivian Chiona shares her 10 favourite interviews, covering everything from midlife marriage meltdowns to entrepreneurship to expat grief.


I love watching or listening to interviews, and I absolutely love being a part of them, too. They’re such a wonderful opportunity to get to know extraordinary people and to share ideas. I hope these Expat Nest interviews will uplift and inspire you!

10 interviews to mark our 10-year anniversary: 

  1. Let’s talk about love in these tough times: tips to build your love story, whether you’d like to take your relationship to the next level, or whether you’re single and looking for love.
  2. Midlife marriage meltdown: a fascinating chat on love, sex, expat couples, midlife crisis and marriage meltdown. 
  3. Expat struggles during these unusual times: all things expat, including the idea that we have multiple identities.
  4. Make it happen: reflections on the past few years at Expat Nest, and what it means to be an international today. 
  5. Facing the challenges of expat life, together: navigating the dynamics of long-distance relationships, and how to make it work.
  6. From big vision to reality: business strategies through my own story with Expat Nest.
  7. On global mobility: expat grief, the importance of supporting the emotional needs of the whole family during a relocation, and resources (many of them free) for expats on the move.
  8. A psychologist’s entrepreneurial journey: from Greece to the Netherlands: my journey with Expat Nest as well as how to deal with the urge to return home, change your job, or question whether your partner is right for you. [available on all major podcast platforms]
  9. Keeping your emotions in motion: everything from love to parenting to lockdown – rich in practical coping strategies! [available on all major podcast platforms]
  10. The Hague Pearls: the most common mental health challenges of expats, plus tips for mindfulness and resilience amidst change.


Thank you for being with Expat Nest for the past 10 years; you are so special to me and I am blessed to share this journey with you.

With love

P.S. Let us know which interview resonates most with you, and why.