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Long-distance Expat Relationships: Tips for Making It Work [podcast]

Expat Nest founder Vivian Chiona had the huge honour of being interviewed on Holding the Fort Abroad, a podcast for expats who are navigating the dynamics of long-distance relationships – whether that’s because one partner travels a lot for work or because the partners (or family) live in split locations. Hosted by certified coach and author Rhoda Bangerter, the podcast shares creative ways couples and families can maintain relationships when distance is a key feature.

You can find the episode here. 

In it, we discuss:

  1. Expat Nest’s vision: to provide an empathetic and comforting environment in which expats feel heard and understood, and to help expats deal with the challenges of the international life. 
  2. How and why Expat Nest works – and why expat-specialised services are so important. 
  3. Difficulties that Vivian sees in couples or families who are often apart or living in split locations (e.g. detachment as a coping/defence mechanism to process separation; managing practicalities like time zones).
  4. Vivian’s top tips for couples and families living in split locations (e.g. managing expectations around how you’ll keep in touch; not constantly postponing bringing up challenges; embracing creative ways to stay connected, like surprises and gifts).
  5. The difference between solo parenting and single parenting.
  6. When and why to get in touch with a therapist.
  7. Vivian’s top recommended resources.

Long-distance relationships can work. And there are ways for both partners to strengthen the emotional connection and ease the ache of geographic separation.

We hope this chat with Rhoda brings the insight and support you need.


If this describes your situation, what have you found helpful to keep the connection as a couple or family?

PHOTO: Pexels/Vlada Karpovich