Happy 10th Birthday to Us! Plus 10 Top Resources for YOU

We at Expat Nest celebrated our 10th birthday on 21 June 2023! 

Check out the photos of our happy celebrations here. I only wish we could ALL celebrate together…

Ten years on, we are still offering professional support to expats all over the world, in several languages and across time zones. This is an incredible milestone!
And, as you already know, we also offer support through this blog, which covers many facets of the dynamic expat life. You can search a category—like career/workplace, grief/loss, love/relationships, stress/depression, transition/life changes, real-life expat stories, and more—to find context-specific support, or browse the blogsite and follow your curiosity. 🙂
Some of you have contributed to the blog; many of you have commented and shared your stories. Thank you for being part of this community!

And so, to celebrate this important birthday, we’re sharing 10 of our most popular articles from our decade-strong archive. Enjoy!

  1. How to Recover from a Broken Heart: Because facing your days with heartache is tough, especially if you’re far away from your friends and family. 
  2. How to Help Your Child Make Friends in a New Country: Pointers for parents who want to support their TCKs to build strong friendships.
  3. You Are Perfect to be Loved: Why you don’t have to “become perfect” before you can find love or be loved.
  4. Ease Difficult Transitions for Your Family: 4 great strategies to get through it.
  5. Putting On a Brave Face: Are You Hiding Your Depression? Understanding depression and its signs can help you to unmask what’s really going on.
  6. Feeling Alone Even When You’re Around People? Here’s What You Can Do: Practical steps to begin to feel better.
  7. How to Keep Work-Life Balance Abroad… and how to do it in a way that works for you.
  8. Expat Loss: Dealing With Leaving Your Pet Behind: Tips to manage the loss of having to leave our animal companions.
  9. Managing a Health Condition Abroad: 16 strategies to support you.
  10. Why Is This So Hard? 10 challenges of expat life and how to deal with them.

A huge thanks for all your support and love.
With love (and in celebration!)

Which article is YOUR favourite? We’d love to know!