Follow Your “Hell Yes!”

It’s my birthday today, and in the build up to this milestone, I had an important insight I’d love to share with you. We live in a busy world, where everything changes so fast and this can make life seem very complicated. It can leave us feeling confused, stressed, or that we don’t have clarity. Yet there is a simple and powerful way to start finding clarity in your life: I believe it all begins with a “hell yes!”


Your “hell yes!” is your joy compass. It’s how you truly feel about a person, decision, commitment or situation. Your body has wisdom too; it feels when something is right or wrong for you – always. Even if (especially if!) we are in pain, or having a difficult time, we can listen for and follow our “hell yes”. This is the key to what brings us happiness, what brings us love.


This is for you, if…

This is for you, if you’re waiting for someone to commit to being with you.

This is for you, if you’re feeling confused in your relationship.

This is for you, if you feel unsure of your purpose.

It’s for you, if you’re insecure about how you look or what you wear.

If you’ve been feeling stuck in a situation for months, or years…

If you’re not sure whether to stay or leave (your job, your relationship, your current location)…

This is for you!


If it’s not a “hell yes”, let it go…

Don’t waste your non-renewable time.

Don’t waste your precious energy.

Don’t waste your well-deserved money.


Do surround yourself with “hell yes” people.

If someone isn’t sure if they want you – if they’re not saying “hell yes!” – then it’s a no. Skip… move on.

Ladies, if you’re shopping and the dress isn’t a “hell yes!”, leave it.

If you’re proposing a project and your colleagues/partners aren’t 100% percent into it, consider finding someone else to work with. I’ve decided to work only with people who have the same vision and share similar values of respect, transparency, love and kindness.

Sure, occasionally we need to spend some time motivating others and showing them the beauty of our vision, but generally, if it’s not a “hell yes”, it will take a lot of unnecessary hard work to make it work.


My birthday wish (for you)

Sometimes we go through hell before we understand our “hell yes”. I’m sharing this insight to help you shorten your learning curve and to inspire you. We all need to hear words that will motivate us to step up, show up and feel stronger. I hope this message kicks in at exactly the right time for you.

Let’s make our lives simpler and find more joy in ourselves, our partners, our colleagues, our family…

Cheers! To your “hell yes”!

Hell yes to health

Hell yes to love

Hell yes to prosperity

Hell yes to a fullfilling life

Hell yes to tenderness

Hell yes to being gentle with yourself

Hell yes to joy and fun

Hell yes to trust

Hell yes to integrity

Hell yes to what you deserve

Hell yes to life!


With love,



What are you going to say “hell yes” to in your life right now? Are you already following your “hell yes”? I’d love to hear from you – really!


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© Vivian Chiona, Expat Nest