It’s Our Birthday! PLUS an Interview with Vivian

Yay! We’re celebrating our birthday!

Thank you for being a part of our community. It’s such an honour to serve internationals like you, and we really value the time you spend with us.

We are here to keep supporting you and sharing ideas that can make all the difference to your international life.

In this podcast interview with social entrepreneur and expatriate Ali Meehan, I reflect on the past few years at Expat Nest.




 We also chat about:

  • How Expat Nest is a combo of “the art of my heart and the science of psychology”
  • The importance of self-care
  • Unique challenges I see internationals facing, as well as some common reasons for seeking counselling
  • What I consider the most important first step if you’re facing difficulties abroad
  • Some of my business heroes!
  • One non-negotiable from my native country that helps me to feel settled in my adopted country 


By the way, you can find the audio-only version at buzz sprout or Spotify.

Happy listening… and do let us know in the comments below what resonates with you. Thank you again for celebrating with us!