It was a great honour to chat to clinical psychologist and co-founder of the Global Nomad’s World, Daniela Tomer. Daniela is also involved in Families in Global Transition, which is how we first met, and we share a passion for working with internationals on themes like transition and identity.

In this interview we cover:


  • The idea of multiple identities. How does it happen that members within the same family may identify differently about their identity, despite being in a similar context? And how do we navigate this, personally – having many identities ourselves – and within our families?
  • Language and therapy for expats. Why is it important to speak to someone who is expat specialized? And is this more important than having a counsellor who speaks your mother tongue?
  • Relocating during the pandemic. Moving internationally is hard enough – how do we get through this, and even flourish? A first step: acknowledge that you are relocating in a very particular reality, and let’s work with what we have, not with what we wish we had.
  • Expats struggling now especially – and some tips. We discuss the importance of investing in your local network (as far as possible, given the situation) but also your global network – because this is the community that will go with you, wherever you are.


Find the full video interview here.

I hope you enjoy it much as I did!


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