Keep Aiming… So You Get Where You Want to Be


Someone sent this quote to me recently and I simply had to share it with you in our first article of 2018. As we begin to work on our goals for 2018, this story is a perfect reminder not to get despondent over setbacks. I hope it strikes a chord for you too, helping you to stay present and focused as you gain momentum to move forward…


We tend to use all kinds of metaphors to describe the heaviness of our problems…

“Things are weighing me down…”

“I’m carrying so much on my shoulders…”

“I can’t move for all the problems I have…”


It’s true that sometimes we feel paralysed by our problems. But what if there was another approach?

Often our “straitjackets” – the things that keep us feeling stuck – are of our own making; often they are caused by the negative views we have of our problems.

This is where the metaphor of the arrow becomes useful.

For example, if you experience a setback on your way to a cherished goal, this shouldn’t be a signal to doubt yourself. In fact, this is a time to focus on the bigger picture! To mentally and physically prepare for the change that you wish to have.

For it is the tension in the bow’s string, from pulling an arrow backwards, that gives the arrow its spring and lift.

So much of my own drive has come from negative experiences, when I had to make a choice, either to feel shattered or to shift my focus to a solution, to change perspective so I could find the strength and move forward.

By making my bow tighter and tighter, I had a huge amount of momentum behind me when I let go of my arrow. In effect, my problems helped me to focus on my goals.

So, if life is weighing you down, don’t give up. It is all about shifting perspectives, which could make all the difference! Focus on the target ahead of you and keep putting energy into your dreams behind the scenes.

I hope you enjoy this inspiration for the new year!



© Vivian Chiona

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