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Love our Chinese service!

Love our Chinese service!! Here’s the link: https://www.expatnest.com/?lang=zh-hans Get your free 15-minute call! We love to serve the Chinese speaking community abroad. A year ago we launched it with Jinfeng Shen! https://www.facebook.com/100010262314717/videos/862215167463886…

Our Chinese Website is live!

BIG NEWS: Our CHINESE Website Is LIVE and Made With Love!🎉❤️Check it out and please share it with your Chinese friends living abroad. The link is HERE: https://www.expatnest.com/?lang=zh-hans很高兴在此宣布Expat Nest(异国小窝)中文网站的上线!欢迎大家浏览查看,并与身居海外的中国朋友们分享!#expatnest #chinese #bignews #madewithlove Gepostet von Expat Nest am Dienstag, 4. Juni…