Our Survey on Internationals Like You: Results Are IN!

I’m so excited to share the results of our international survey with the entire Expat Nest community!

Back in 2017, I asked you to take the survey. This was the first step in a book I’m co-writing with cross-cultural business consultant Regina Reinhardt.

The results got me reflecting on my international lifestyle, and sense of place in the world.


Here are just a few of the things I found interesting:

  • While abroad you mostly miss (1) family and friends, (2) culture, (3) familiarity and (4) climate. More specifically, you mentioned that you miss the “daily, face-to-face routine interactions” with your close friends and family members. Many of you also mentioned the importance of your culture’s food!
  • 63% of you stated that both your parents are monocultural.
  • Almost two-thirds of you stated that the culture you feel most at ease with “changes all the time”.


Curious to learn more?

Download the full survey results here. 


Again, a heartfelt thank you to all of you who took part! Your answers will play an essential role in helping us to help others navigating the international life…


I hope you find the results interesting too! Leave a comment below if something really resonates with you.

With love