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? Coronavirus: A Safe Place to Talk in CHINESE (Free Group Call)

??? We offering an online free group chat in CHINESE for 8 people in the Expat Nest community. If you’d like a safe space to share your thoughts and feelings about what’s going on, sign up for the chat on Wednesday 22nd of April at 18:00 Amsterdam time. Please email us at info@expatnest.com
It will be delivered by our Chinese counsellor Wenchi Chen. We’ll also be sharing some positive ways to maximise this time at home so that we can feel empowered, productive and safe.
Please share it with your Chinese speaking friends.
???针对新型冠状病毒肺炎,我 们将提供一次免费的中文团体群聊给八位异国小窝的朋友。如果你想要有个安全的空间来抒发关于最近疫情的想法或感受,欢迎登记加入4/22 (周三)18:00 阿姆斯特丹时间的群聊。这会由我们的中文咨商师陈玟琪带领。我们也会分享一些正面积极的方法来协助大家最佳化在家隔离的时间,以帮助每个人都能更被赋能 更有生产力并感觉更安全。你想加入吗?
请email至 info@expatnest.com来保留你的位子。

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