Expat Challenges

Living, working (and parenting!) abroad can be an incredibly rewarding experience. But the international life is not without its difficulties and it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, sad or lost on occasion. At times you might find yourself wondering:



Where am I from? Where is home? Where is my nest?


At Expat Nest we provide counseling without borders. We support expats (see For whom?) to cope with or manage:

      • Stress and anxiety
      • Transition or changes in your life
      • Depression and feeling down
      • Anger
      • Loneliness
      • Psychosomatic symptoms (like headaches)
      • Break-ups and/or divorce
      • Struggles with finding or making friends
      • Confusions around identity
      • Grief or loss
      • Chronic fatigue

      • Parenting issues
      • Preparing for relocation or repatriation
      • Settling into a new place
      • Disturbed sleeping patterns
      • Separation issues
      • An unsatisfying relationship
      • Ethical dilemmas
      • Body image issues
      • Low self-esteem/confidence
      • Behaviours such as excessive drinking and smoking 
      • Multicultural & intercultural student dynamics